Well Hell, Woman
Sunday, October 19, 2014 at 12:44PM
Mrs. G.

I don't think this is going to surprise most of you, but after much thought, I'm hanging up my blogging hat. After nearly eight years, I feel Derfwad Manor has run its course. I actually feel it ran its course a good while ago, but I just couldn't let it go.


Unlike in the past, this is not a reaction to anything other than that it's time. The quality and consistency of posts have gone down and the pesky breaks are getting longer. My love for Johnny Depp has, frankly, waned. Now it's all about Mark Ruffalo and Peter Quinn from Homeland. I think blogs have seasons and I can feel this one's is over. 


The main reason I've been hanging on is because of of the community we've built over time. I can't speak for you, but without it, my life would be far less satisfying. I know many of you nearly as well as you know me. I've been reading your generous, thoughtful comments (and blogs) for years and had the privilege of meeting a number of you. I've met your families and slept in your homes.


Thank you for that.


So with all this in mind, I hope we can start a forum to keep on trucking, together. I'm thinking we should start a private Facebook group. I'm not very well versed in forum platforms so if any of you have better ideas, please let me know. If you're interested in creating a group, leave a comment on this post on DM's Facebook page and I will invite you to join. I'm going to keep the blog open a few weeks so everyone knows the scoop, and then I'm going to pull the old broad down to eliminate monthly hosting fees.


I began Derfwad Manor when I received a laptop from my family on my 40th birthday. Thank you to them for kicking off a really amazing ride.


May your Secret Boyfriends remain loyal and your hair keep looking good. If you are ever in Seattle, let's have coffee. I mean it (mrs.ggggggggggggggg@gmail.com). See you in the funny papers.

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